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Redesigning the European telecoms market

At the request of certain stakeholders, the Commission has decided to look into modernising the regulatory framework in order to foster positive change within the European telecoms industry.

Towards a reform of the data protection regulatory framework

In order to keep pace with technological change within the digital world and the spread of internet and on-line services use, the European Commission has decided to update the regulatory framework of data protection. To do this, it presented a proposal for regulation, designed to provide more legal security via its immediate applicability.

Adapting the regulatory framework to the challenges of Connected TV

The European Commission wishes to introduce EU-wide legislation in order to provide a framework for the new challenges related to connected TV. The regulatory task involves a possible adaptation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which currently provides the framework for audiovisual media services, or even the introduction of a new regulatory framework specific to connected television.

The challenge of cloud computing in Europe

The European Commission believes cloud computing to be a source of growth and job creation that should be expanded to all sectors of the economy.  In order to optimise the potential of this technology, a European cloud computing strategy was proposed by the European Commission.

The reform of the collective management of copyrights and related rights

In 2012, the European Commission presented a proposal for a directive on the reform of the collective management of copyright and related rights. Although mainly focused on rights in musical works, the future directive could be a first step towards covering all types of audiovisual content, thus corresponding to Commission's desire to build a "single digital market".