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The challenge of cloud computing in Europe

The European Commission believes cloud computing to be a source of growth and job creation that should be expanded to all sectors of the economy. Cloud computing is indeed a plus for all companies. Cloud computing makes companies' costs more flexible by making the operation of their IT systems more flexible. 80% of businesses that choose this solution are able to cut costs by between 10 and 20%.
Cloud computing can also significantly boost data storage capacity. Companies no longer have to operate their own IT servers, and can use on-line services instead, which means they do not have to manage all the related hardware infrastructure.

In order to optimise the potential of this technology, a European cloud computing strategy was proposed by the European Commission back in 2010. Then, a collaborative process was set up between the public authorities and companies in November 2012 in order to contribute to the creation of the single digital market. The European Cloud Partnership aims to carry out actions in order to improve public procurement of cloud services in Europe.

However, the increased use of cloud services has a number of consequences, particularly in terms of data protection. For example, a large quantity of public and commercial data might be migrated to servers located outside national borders, or even outside the territory of the EU. In order to promote optimal and secure utilisation of cloud computing, the European Union must therefore quickly reform its legislation concerning data protection and adopt a common policy in terms of cybersecurity.  

Bouygues Telecom's position on cloud computing

Bouygues Telecom's cloud computing business unit has sold cloud solutions to businesses since the end of 2012. Business customers can use a "cloud portal" to manage their cloud services on-line autonomously. Backup data is hosted in France in Bouygues Telecom's data centres.

Furthermore, a technological and strategic partnership was also signed with
Microsoft France in September 2012 in order to promote the use of cloud computing in French small and medium-sized businesses. 

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