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The reform of the collective management of copyrights and related rights

In July 2012, the European Commission presented a proposal for a directive on the reform of the collective management of copyright and related rights. Although mainly focused on rights in musical works, the future directive could be a first step towards covering all types of audiovisual content, thus corresponding to Commissioner Barnier's desire to build a "single digital market".

The measures presented by the Commission aim to modernise the approximate 250 copyright collecting societies in the European Union. The aim of the proposed directive is to strengthen both their transparency and effectiveness, by improving governance. These societies collectively manage the licences for the online exploitation of the protected works of an author. They then redistribute the royalties pertaining to these works.

However, the demand for on-line cultural content (music, films, books, etc.) is increasingly considerably, without regard to borders or national restrictions. In order to remedy this situation, the proposition includes the granting of multi-territorial licences, which will need to comply with certain European standards.  The main objective is to make sure service providers can distribute their works in several Member States and that the revenues thereby generated are equitably distributed within a maximum period of 12 months.

What does TF1 think?

TF1 shares the aims of the European Commission, by pleading for more transparency and rigour in the management and exploitation of the rights held by the collecting societies. TF1 nevertheless underlines the fact that the proposed directive was not drafted in collaboration with representatives from the audiovisual sector.

The Group also favours the creation of a distinction between the management of rights in musical works, and the situation experienced by audiovisual authors. This is because the problems facing the audiovisual industry are related to markets and rationales that are mainly national.

Lastly, TF1 confirms its attachment to the "Point of Single Contact" mechanism.

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Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the collective management of copyright and related rights