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Europe 2020

The European Union's main objective is to restore growth in its
Member States. Its Europe 2020 strategy aims to foster smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In 2010, the European Union adopted its Europe 2020 strategy, which aims to find a solution to the crisis affecting the European economy. It also aims to create the conditions for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.  

To meet this challenge, the European Union has set five key objectives to be achieved by 2020. These objectives have been transposed into national objectives for each Member State and cover: 

    • Employment: ensure that 75% of the population aged between 20 and 64 has a job
    • Research and development: 3% of European GDP to be invested on R&D
    • Sustainable energies and climate change: the 20-20-20 targets: a 20%-reduction in greenhouse gas emissions versus the 1990 level, 20% of energies to come from renewable sources, a 20%-increase in energy efficiency
    • Education: at least 40% of the population aged between 30 and 34 to have a higher education diploma
    • Fight against poverty and social exclusion: reduce the number of people affected by poverty and social exclusion by 20 million
    • Furthermore, these targets reinforce each other mutually since an increase in the share of R&D spending in the economy, coupled with more efficient use of resources, will increase European competitiveness and therefore create employment. 


The three pillars of Europe 2020 are divided into seven "flagship initiatives", within which the EU and the national public authorities unite their efforts in domains that support the objectives of Europe 2020.

In order to take up the challenge of smart growth, the European Commission presented in the following communication, a Digital Agenda for Europe, its initiative called Innovation Union, as well as the communication Youth on the Move.

The sustainable growth part comprises a communication on resource efficiency and on a European Integrated Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era.

Finally, the inclusive growth part contains the communication on the strategy for new jobs and the communication on the European Platform against Poverty.

The Bouygues group supports the European Commission's efforts regarding research, innovation and the digital strategy.

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