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European strategies

Key initiatives

Single Market Act

As a result of the financial, economic and social crisis experienced by its Member States, the European Union's priority is to take measures to generate growth and restore economic competitiveness throughout the zone. In order to meet this objective, the Commission has adopted the Single Market Act.

Innovation Union

This strategic approach aims at capitalising on the EU's strengths in order to turn towards more sustainable growth and a more competitive European economy. 

Horizon 2020

"Horizon 2020" is the new programme for the financing of the European Union's research and innovation. For the period 2014-2020, €80.2 billion has been earmarked for players who invest on research and innovation, such as R&D institutes, universities and innovative companies.

Digital Agenda

The initiative, called "A Digital Agenda for Europe" and adopted on 31 May 2010, highlights the difficulty for companies, in particular, to operate in a European market which is mainly the aggregation of many different national markets.