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Horizon 2020

A new Framework for research and innovation

"Horizon 2020" is the new programme for the financing of the European Union's research and innovation. This is one of the flagship tools designed to implement the "Innovation Union" initiative, which is part of the "Europe 2020" strategy. For the period 2014-2020, €80.2 billion has been earmarked for players who invest on research and innovation, such as R&D institutes, universities and innovative companies.

The programme's resources aim to achieve three objectives. The first is to help the EU retain its primacy in the field of science and research, thanks to an allocation of €24.6 billion. The second objective is to keep the EU's advance in terms of industrial innovation, with a budget of €18 billion, mainly designed to support companies. Finally, €31.7 billion has been earmarked for six different themes that affect the daily lives of citizens:

  • health;
  • sustainable agriculture;
  • safe, clean and  efficient energies;
  • smart, green and integrated transport:
  • the fight against climate change, the efficient use of resources and raw materials;
  • and inclusive and safe societies.


The progress of work will be measured using established indicators. Administrative rules, like the number of checks and audits, have been reduced in order to attract a larger number of companies operating in the field of innovation.

What about Bouygues?

This new financing programme is a key issue for the Bouygues group. This is because the Group is participating in the "Energy Efficient Buildings" research public-private partnership and is a member of a platform that analyses the challenges of research and innovation for the construction sector, the European Construction Technology Platform. Finally, Bouygues also participates in a high level group of the European Commission on smart cities.

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