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Single Market Act

As a result of the financial, economic and social crisis experienced by its Member States, the European Union's priority is to take measures to generate growth and restore economic competitiveness throughout the zone. In order to meet this objective, the Commission has adopted the Single Market Act, a series of proactive and cross-disciplinary measures aimed at restoring confidence in the single market and creating jobs.  

In order to boost the public's confidence in the internal market and develop its full potential, the European Commission presented the Single Market Act in April 2011. It defines 12 levers to boost growth and end the fragmentation of the single market, which has now been in existence for 20 years. 

These levers relate to domains such as intellectual property rights, the regulatory environment for companies, and public procurement contracts.  

A second stage was completed in October 2012, with the adoption of the Single Market Act II.  

Once again, this Act defined 12 priority proposals, structured around four drivers for new growth: integrated transport and energy networks, the mobility of citizens and businesses, the digital economy, and the strengthening of social entrepreneurship, cohesion and consumer confidence.  

Commissioner Barnier has already announced that Single Market Acts III and IV will be adopted by the Commission. The third part of the strategy will be focused on the digital single market, a theme Bouygues is particularly interested in.  

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