Bouygues Europe


FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation) 
Through its 33 federations, national members in 28 countries (27 Member States of the EU and EFTA, and Turkey), FIEC represents construction companies of all sizes, from SMEs to global players, and of all building and civil engineering specialities.


ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform) 
This platform is an initiative created by a public-private partnership with the European Commission, which aims to improve the competitive situation in the construction sector.

E2BA (Energy Efficient Buildings Association) 
In order to help the construction industry meet its energy targets by 2020 and to develop low-energy consumption buildings and neighbourhoods by 2050, ECTP has set up a European initiative for energy efficiency in buildings, coordinated by E2BA, which was founded in 2008.
FEB (Federation of Entreprises in Belgium) 

FEB comprises 38 multi-sector professional organisations and represents more than 50,000 businesses in the key sectors of industry, construction and services.


ERF (European Union Road Federation)

Representing the road infrastructure sector in Europe, ERF is a platform for dialogue, training and research on issues concerning mobility. Its members, which include Colas, are either public or private entities.