Bouygues Europe
Who are we?

What we do ?

Bouygues Europe is a subsidiary of Bouygues SA based in Brussels. It represents and defends the Group’s interests within the European institutions. One of our main tasks at Bouygues Europe, namely contributing to the drafting of European legislation, is naturally of key importance. We do this by being present as early as possible in the dialogue process that the European institutions nurture with civil society and with businesses in particular. Bouygues Europe presents and defends the positions of the Group during public consultations, hearings held by the European institutions, and via regular contact with qualified representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and Council.

Bouygues Europe represents and also helps the Group's businesses in the High Level Groups the European Commission organises to prepare the European strategies for tomorrow's major challenges.

Furthermore, Bouygues Europe contributes to the thinking on European construction, within the scope of the work of its partnerships, associations and think tanks.

Bouygues Europe also advises the Group's businesses on the steps and procedures that need to be followed in order to take part in the projects to develop major European infrastructure.

Finally, Bouygues Europe complies with the European Institutions' commitment to transparency in its dialogue with economic and social players. It is registered in Transparency Register which contains all the Interest Representatives that work with the European Commission and Parliament.

The Group's businesses are therefore obliged to adapt their strategic priorities to the European integration process. In their dealings with the European institutions, the most important issues for the construction businesses are public procurement contracts, financing, energy efficiency, sustainable development, etc. For the telecoms-media businesses, these issues are roaming, copyright, the protection of personal data, as well as connected television and convergence.